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Event Requested (circle): NC Conceal Carry Permit ($120.00)    Sat 8/19/17   Shotgundamentals: Sat 9/9/17 2-5PM $75.00
Course Date Requested:____________________________
I understand that the use of firearms is inherently dangerous and that any unsafe use of them could result in death or serious bodily harm. As a prerequisite to enrollment, I agree to follow all safety rules set forth by my Instructor and that my willful disregard of them will result in my dismissal from class, without reimbursement of my tuition. I will not use drugs or alcohol preceding or during class. I further agree to hold CCGCI Inc & CSA LLAC harmless for any accidents or injuries which may occur while in class or at the range. I agree to report any safety violations that I may witness to my Instructor immediately so that we can take immediate action to insure the safety of other students.*I affirm that I possess fundamental firearms knowledge regarding safe handling, storage & cleaning prior to attending this class.*
Please Do NOT Bring Your Firearm Into Class.
Please Leave Locked In Car Until Qualifying.
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Preregistration & Prepayment Required.No Refunds.
Payment Methods: Cash, Money Order, CC's via PayPal
Questions: 336.270.9CCW (9229)
1964 Stoney Creek Church Road
Burlington NC 27217
The 2nd Amednment